A Few Tips on Building Retaining Walls Using Steel Posts

Steel Post

When you are using steel posts Brisbane to build a retaining wall the first factor that you need to focus on is the height and base of the wall in question. Is the wall pretty close to your house? In that case, the base should a minimum of 1 inch lower than the final path level along with your house. This would make sure that the paved area or path in question is in a sloping arc from your house. Once you have been able to determine this point you would be able to estimate the height of your retaining wall as well.

Making Sure That the Wall Is Straight

There is a certain way in which you can effectively accomplish this particular goal. Use string lines and place them between the star posts. These star posts are ones that have been hammered to the ground. They are normally present at each end of your retaining wall. You can use each string line to demarcate the wall’s top front. More often than not, this should be level. If you are doing this work yourself, use an eye next to the string line.

Distance between the Posts

While using sheet metal Brisbane to erect your retaining wall you need to determine the distance that you are going to put between the posts. In construction terminology these are also known as centres. It could be that you have decided that this distance would be x metres from one post to another. In that case, you would have to use mathematics and calculate the number of bays that you would need to get a certain distance in terms of separating the posts. There is always a desirable measurement in this regard. It is regarding the distance that we have alluded to already.

Placing the Steel Posts within the Concrete

This is perhaps the most important part of building a retaining wall using steel posts. If you can do this work your entire project would be completed nicely. There are ways in which you can save a lot of effort in this regard. There would be a lot less stress and bashing to deal with for sure with these tricks. These issues normally happen when you have a biggish steel post at the wrong position even as the concrete is getting harder. Always place the steel post in the hole before you pour the concrete.


The diameter and depth of the hole is also an important point to consider in the context of using steel posts to build your retaining wall. The hole needs to have a minimum depth that is equivalent to the height of the steel that happens to be above it. We are talking of ground-level height over here. This means that if your wall is 500 mm tall the hole should be 500 mm deep as well. In this case, you need to put in the steel column into the concrete. It should cover around 90 per cent of the hole’s depth.

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